Ezekiel’s first solo exhibition titled ‘Archive’, occurred during their second year at University (February, 2018) and was held at Doomed Gallery in Dalston. The exhibition focused on displaying a wide selection of photographs from the start of their photographic practice (2014) to present day. Concepts for the exhibition derived from wanting to display a progression and maturity as a photographer, while acknowledging the transitional period from teen-hood to young adulthood - “growing up”.

The exhibition was curated in a linear manner, which meant the audience had to start from the left side of the room and make their way around to the end. Reflecting the timeline of the artist’s journey and the idea of going from past to present day. 

Opening Night

A selection of imagery displayed at the exhibition:

Waj, Brixton (2016)

At Home with mum (2017)

Lily, Parklife (2017)

Natalie & I, Paris (2015)

Flossie & Holly (2015)

Jika & Tish (2014)

Celine in the Studio (2017)

Cole (2017)